Tea of Hearts Dessert Tea Sampler

Tea of Hearts Dessert Tea Sampler

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Four decadent dessert teas in a ready-to-gift box.
This heartwarming sampler is a delicious way to show your love. Treat your Valentine (or yourself) to two blissful black tea blends and two indulgent herbal infusions.

Tiramisu (1 oz)
Creamy chocolate and notes of elegant, vanilla-kissed espresso.

Chocolate Chai (1 oz)
Rich dark chocolate balanced by sweet cinnamon, ginger, cloves and vanilla.

Caramel Truffle (1 oz)
A creamy combo of sweet caramel notes and cocoa with hints of sea-salted almond.

Vanilla Crème (1 oz)
A smooth vanilla confection with notes of sweet honey.

-The dessert teas in this variety pack contain varying amounts of caffeine.
-Follow steeping and brewing instructions on each individual tea package.
-1 oz makes 7–10 cups of tea.
-Teavana exclusive.
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