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Iced Matcha Kit

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Description Enjoy iced matcha anywhere, anytime.
Final sale. No returns.
Final sale. No returns.
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Enjoy iced matcha anywhere, anytime.
It’s never been easier to make a delicious iced matcha. Save 20% with this online-exclusive bundle.

Straw Tumbler
This innovative tumbler has a spill-resistant lid that snaps shut as soon as you pull out the straw. Fill it with ice, matcha, and cold water (or milk), then screw the lid on tight and shake until the powder dissolves. Pop in the straw and you’re good to go! The double-wall design reduces condensation and helps keep your drink nice and cold. Made from shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic. Holds 20 oz.

Organic Imperial Matcha (40 g)
Experience the outstanding taste and invigorating benefits of organic, ceremonial-grade matcha. Made from shade-grown, stone-ground tencha green tea leaves, this silky-smooth powder blends into a deliciously vibrant brew with complex vegetal flavors.