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Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Matcha Japanese Green Tea

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Thoughtfully harvested and handcrafted, our pure, organic Imperial Grade Matcha is made from the highest-quality ingredients available, providing outstanding flavor while promoting feelings of focused vitality.

80 grams
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How to Steep / Ingredients
Traditional brewing:
  • Warm the Matcha bowl and whisk/chasen by setting the whisk in the bowl and adding hot water. After a minute, discard water
  • Place 1tsp Matcha (2 bamboo chashaku tea scoops) in bowl. Pour in 4oz of hot water (175-185 degrees)
  • Rapidly stir until a fine foam appears on the surface.

Contemporary Brewing (thin tea)
  • Use 1tsp Matcha per 8oz of hot water (175-185 degrees)
  • Whisk with bamboo chasen, milk frother or shake (if using water bottle) until a fine foam appears

Ingredients: Tencha green tea

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