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Teavana Oprah Chai Tea

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price reflects 2oz (25-30 teaspoons per 2oz)
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This distinctive chai tea blend, created in partnership with Oprah Winfrey, will warm your soul with sweet spice. For every 2 ounces of Oprah Chai Tea purchased, we will donate $1.00 to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation.

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation will further support educational opportunities for young people, including Girls Inc., National CARES Mentoring Movement, Pathways to College and U.S. Dream Academy.

Learn more at Oprah.com/OprahChai
Tasting Notes
A bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves blended with loose-leaf black tea and rooibos.

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How to Steep / Ingredients
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 205 degrees (96 degrees Celsius) and steep for 3 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.
Ingredients:Cinnamon, black tea, ginger, carob pieces, black pepper, natural flavor, chicory root, rooibos, cloves, cardamom

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