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Afro-Latin Party Music CD

Afro-Latin Party Music CD

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Put on your dancing shoes, grab a partner and party the night away! There's nothing like a great Afro-Latin groove to get your feet moving. From African salsa to Cuban son, Afro-Latin Party is a non-stop celebration of the Latin sounds heard in nightclubs from Dakar to Havana. Putumayo World Music collection.

Songs on this CD:
Betece by Africando
Ritmo Con Ache by Jose Mangual Jr
Cuentame Que Te Paso by Pepe & The Bottle Blondes
Babalu by Ska Cubano
Mandali by Africando
Morenita by Cubismo
Demal by Africando
Cogele el Gusto by Chico Alvarez
La Huelga Me Paro by Ronald Rubinel's SalsaKolor
Samba Luku Samba by Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca
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