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Breville Glass Variable Temp Kettle

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This Glass Variable Temp Kettle is made of German Schott Glass which is high quality and shock resistant. It has a soft opening lid that slowly releases steam and prevents splashing. The cordless jug rests on a 360 degree multi-directional base with cord storage wrap. The keep warm button keeps the heated water at the selected temperature for 20 minutes and can be activated before, during, or on completion of the water heating cycle. Safety auto shut-off and dry boil protection. Holds 1.7L.

A Teavana Exclusive

5 Preset Temperature Settings

  • 175 degrees- Green and White teas
  • 195 degrees-Oolong Teas
  • 200 degrees- French Press
  • 205degrees-Black and Herbal Teas
  • 212 degrees-Boil
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