Tea Parties for Children


School is out and summer is here.  You’re probably wondering what to do with the kids. Why not throw a tea party? Tea parties can be a wonderful way to not only entertain children but teach them etiquette and manners as well. Herbal & Rooibos teas are low in caffeine and good for children. Packed with vitamins and often delicious unsweetened, Herbal tea can be a sneaky swap for sugary juices and summer sports drinks. It is also a must for a proper tea party!


The afternoon tea party is rich with history and tradition. It’s a practice that provides time away from gaming systems and computers and allows opportunity for conversation and imagination.  Don’t be afraid to break out your best china. Once taught the importance of the tea ceremony, children will treat it with care. Teach and encourage good tea party etiquette as such lessons can last a child a lifetime. Fill your tea party menu with kid-sized snacks like mini-sandwiches, bite-sized veggies, mini-cupcakes, snack-pack sized cookies and wafers.


A good theme is also a must when planning a party for children.  Think of popular children’s stories of Neverland adventures and whimsical gatherings where characters all enjoyed delicious teas and treats. Here are a few theme suggestions for children’s tea parties:


Fairy Neverland Tea Party
Treat your gang of lost boys and fairy princesses to an outdoor garden tea party. Find the perfect tree in your backyard and hang sheer netting to form a canopy tent. Underneath the tent, place a large blanket and outdoor pillows that double as comfy seats. Use flower shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun, kid-sized shapes.  Serve iced  Sweet Fruit Garden or Wild Orange Blossom slightly warm with a Teavana German Rock Sugar.

The Royal Tea Party             
Perfect for a rainy day, host this tea party indoors.  Choose the coffee table over the dining room table for its child-like size.  Children and adults may choose their roles in the royal court and speak with funny accents.  Use the good china and proper tea etiquette—no slurping tea and keep napkins on your lap! For snacks consider mini-egg salad sandwiches, cut into bite-size squares, chocolate dipped strawberries and blueberry scones dipped in colored sprinkles. Serve Haute Chocolate rooibos tea with milk and sugar or iced Blueberry Bliss. 

Whacky Wig Tea Party
Grab some funny costume wigs, pair them with mismatched clothes, and imagine you’re a character in wonderland.  Speak in funny tones as you munch on bite size veggies with food colored ranch dip and mini-cupcakes with colored sprinkles. Play a game of Old Maid or another children’s card game. Choose bright, mismatched teapots and tea cups and serve Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend or Rooibos Tropica warm or iced with frozen berries. 


Teavana has everything you need for your tea party, including Herbal and Rooibos tea, teapots, tea cups and more.  Be sure to visit Teavana on Facebook and share your pictures and stories of your tea parties with our communi-tea!

Tea Parties for Children