New to Tea?

Tea has been consumed for several thousand years. And more tea is consumed each year around the world than any other beverage. So why not try out nature's most delicious resource?


If you are new to tea, let us help you select some delicious gourmet teas based on your taste and health preferences. You may be thinking, why bother with loose leaf tea when tea bags are more convenient?  Teavana loose teas are much higher quality than tea bags and the taste alone is often reason enough for people to drink loose leaf teas.  And loose tea can be very simple and quick to make with a few key items. 


First, let’s start choosing a tea.  There are certainly many types of tea, from white and green tea to black teas.  A tea blended with fruits is a good place to start.  Dried fruits like strawberries and blueberries can add extra vitamins to tea.  Some beginner tea drinkers may like the taste (and smell!) of flowers in their tea.  Flowers like jasmine, lavender, and roses can really enhance the experience of drinking tea by adding a full and fragrant aroma.   Below are a few popular teas for beginners.

Teas for Beginners

You can also approach selecting teas by the type of tea.  Consider loose leaf black teas if you regularly drink bagged tea.  Familiar black teas like Earl Grey and English breakfast are available in loose leaf format. Other favorites:  

Teavana Earl Grey Creme Loose Leaf Black Tea Teavana Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea
Earl Grey Creme Loose Black Tea Jasmine Green Tea


If you are looking for a different or softer taste, white teas have a much lighter and more subtle flavor.  Great starter white teas include Silver Needles White Tea and Youthberry White Tea.

Teavana Silver Needles White Tea White Tea Teavana Youthberry White Tea
Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea Youthberry White Tea


Please see our other recommended teas to find a tea that’s right for you.


After you have selected some loose teas, you may be wondering how to actually brew the tea.  One of the simplest ways to make tea is with the Teavana Perfectea Maker.  Just add your loose tea and water, steep for the appropriate time, and dispense Teavana Perfectea Makerthe tea right into a tea cup or mug.  It is important to note that the water temperature and steep time will affect how your tea will taste.  For example, boiling water is too hot for white and green teas and will make them taste bitter.  Letting the tea leaves sit for too long in water can also make your tea taste bitter or harsh.  You can view the recommended brew settings for any Teavana tea by clicking on “Preparation” in the tea’s description.


Consider the following tea accessories from our Perfect Tea Collection to get started with brewing loose leaf tea at home:


  • Perfectea Maker – comes in 16oz size, perfect for making one serving of tea at a time, or 32oz, so you can make tea for two.
  • Perfect Tea Spoon – a handy way to measure out tea leaves or sweetener.
  • Perfect Tea Kettle – a tea kettle is essential for heating and boiling water.
  • Perfect Tea Timer – has pre-programmed buttons with the steep time of each type of tea.  
  • Perfect Tea Mug – dispense your tea directly from the Perfectea Maker into a clear glass mug to enjoy the colors of your tea.


After you have acquired a taste for loose teas, you may want to experiment with different flavor combinations of tea blends.  Or, if you developed a preference for a particular type of tea, like green tea, you may want to try a straight, unflavored tea, such as Gyokuro green tea.  Soon you may find that brewing loose tea in a ceramic teapot or cast iron teapot can affect how your tea tastes.  These are just a few of the many ways you can make drinking each cup of tea a unique (and delicious!) experience. 

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New to Tea?