How To Make Matcha Tea

Since the 12th century, Matcha tea has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado, or 'Way of Tea.' Using ancient techniques green tea leaves are carefully shaded with straw mats 30 days before picking. The shading allows the tea leaves to become rich in chorophyll and amino acids. Once picked and dried, the leaves are ground into fine bright green Matcha tea powder.


There are several ways to enjoy Matcha. From the traditional Japanese tea ceremony to the everyday iced Matcha latte, Teavana has all of the tools to make your perfect cup.


Traditional Ceremonial Matcha

The Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu (hot water for tea in Japanese), is more than just drinking tea; it is a spiritual experience that embodies harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.  The host may prepare extensively for the event, practicing hand movements with great detail.  It  may be performed in the home, a special tea room, in a tea house or even outdoors. 


The Japanese tea ceremony begins with the host properly cleaning the tea bowl, the tea scoop, and the tea whisk with concentrated and graceful movement. Once the utensils are cleaned, three scoops of matcha powder per guest is added to the bowl. Hot water is ladled into the bowl and the mixture is whisked into a thin paste.  More water is added as needed to create a soup-like tea.  The bowl is offered to the first guest and bows are exchanged before the guest admires the bowl, rotates it, and then sips. The guest wipes the bowl and presents it to the next guest who repeats these movements. Once the final guest has sipped, the bowl is returned to the host who will rinse and clean the tea whisk and scoop again.


Steps to the Perfect Matcha


Ingredient & Tools You’ll Need:
Teavana Imperial Grade Matcha
Bamboo Utensils
Bamboo Whisk
Matcha Bowl


Using the bamboo tea scoop, measure out 1 ½ tea scoops (or 1 Perfect Tea Spoon) of matcha into the matcha bowl. Add water and using the bamboo whisk, whisk rapidly until tea is dissolved and liquid is topped with a light colored foam. Zig zag patterns and concentrating the whisk on the center of the bowl works best. Drink immediately, before powder has time to settle. It is normal for some powder to remain at the bottom of your cup.


Everyday Matcha

It is considered traditional to serve ceremonial Matcha without milk, honey or sugar.  However, an easy way to introduce yourself and those you love to this EGCG-powered green tea is to serve it over ice with creamy sweetness.

How to: Iced Matcha

Begin by preparing your matcha using the steps above.  In a separate glass, with bamboo whisk or stainless slimline frother, whisk 1oz of milk until frothy. Add ice to the glass and then the warm Matcha. For an extra special treat, try topping with our German Rock Sugar Syrup!  Stir and enjoy!

How to: Frozen Matcha Latte

Begin by preparing your matcha using the steps above.  To the warm Matcha mixture, add 2oz of our German Rock Sugar Syrup or sweetener of your choice.  In a blender, add ice, matcha mixture and 4oz of milk. Blend on high. Pour into your glass, add a straw and sip your sweet treat!


Matcha Tips:

  1. - Store the Matcha powder in the freezer to keep it fresh. Before use, restore to room temperature before making tea.
  2. - Water should be 175 degrees, not boiling. Allow boiling water to cool or your Matcha will taste bitter.
  3. - Bamboo tools and whisk will achieve the best results.
  4. - In the iced beverage, soymilk or creamer may be substituted. For a lower calorie option, try adding a teaspoon of sugar-free, fat-free powdered creamer to warm water. Whisk until dissolved.




How to: German Rock Sugar Simple Syrup 

Our recipes call for a simple syrup made with our German Rock Sugar. Here’s how to make it: 
Make the simple syrup by heating equal parts of both Rock Sugar and water on the stove top just until liquid comes to a boil and sugar has dissolved. Let cool. (Alternately, you can also use our PerfectTea Maker by combining equal parts sugar & boiling water, let dissolve and cool.)











How To Make Matcha Tea