Cool Off With Iced Tea

Cool Off With Iced Tea

Summer is here. Time to shake off the doldrums of winter to explore new places, unwind from work, and celebrate with our families. And as the summer heat rises, we search for a cool and refreshing sip to quench our thirst and soothe our active spirit. From southern-style sweet tea to exotically-flavored tropical blends, there is nothing more cool or refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea. It’s the perfect companion to any road trip, beach day or social gathering. No matter how you spend your summer, our Exotic Summer Collection ensures you’ll cool off in style.

Uniquely Refreshing Iced Tea
Summer’s best flavors are here. Our Exotic Blends Collection features six of our most popular herbal teas that when brewed singly or together, create a delightful blend of culture and flavor in every cup.  Take a trip to the big island with Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea; wake up your taste buds with Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate; enjoy a twist on an old summer favorite with Strawberry Lemonade Herbal tea; sip the sweet taste of the South with Peach Bloom Rooibos; bubble over berries with Blueberry Bliss; revel in the fragrant and fruity Rooibos Tropica. With up to 72 different iced tea blends, you can enjoy a different blend every day!

Tea On-The-Go!
A Saturday picnic at the beach or a local park is a common family activity during the summer months. Instead of packing your bottled beverages into a cooler, make refreshing iced tea the night before with our Infuser Tea Pitcher. The pitcher features a detachable basket for steeping and an air-tight lid that locks into place allowing it to stand or sit on its side in your refrigerator. It’s also BPA-free, making it safe for the whole family.

Tea Party – Summer style!
Whether you’re at home by the pool or hosting a 4th of July barbeque, Teavana offers exciting new products to transform your tea party into a tea fiesta! Begin with a hot water solution like our stove-top Chantal Loop Kettle or an electric, energy-efficient Zojirushi Hybrid. Pair it our Infuser Tea Pitcher, any blend from our Exotic Teas Collection, and sweeten with German Rock Sugar. Once your tea is steeped, serve it in our stylish Flourish Iced Tea Glasses. Throwing a big party? Our attractive Glass Iced Tea Dispenser holds up to 2 gallons of your favorite iced tea.  The base detaches to fill with ice to chill your tea or fresh fruit to jazz up your tablescape.

Iced Tea Tips & Tricks
For the best iced tea, we recommend doubling the amount of tea and for herbal tea (Mate, Herbal or Rooibos) double the steeping time. For sweeter tea, add our German Rock Sugar before steeping. Pour your brew over ice, garnish with fresh mint or fruit and enjoy!



Teavana’s Exotic Summer Collection features our best summer flavors and tea accessories.Shop Teavana Exotic Summer Collection.