Cast Iron Teapot Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best possible cup of tea? Teavana recommends using a cast iron teapot and this buying guide explains why as well as how to pick the perfect one. Once you enjoy your favorite tea from a cast iron teapot, it won't taste the same any other way!

Why Cast Iron?

Cast iron teapots make the best tea because of several key traits. First, cast iron distributes the heat evenly to bring out the most flavor and health benefits of tea. These teapots also keep your tea warm for an hour or longer. Over multiple uses, a seasoned cast iron teapot produces richly flavored cups of tea that are more delicious than the last cup.


Since a cast iron teapot can last a lifetime (when properly cared for), it's important to select a high quality teapot that fits your lifestyle. Consider the following when shopping for a cast iron teapot:


The best quality cast iron teapots are made in Japan. There, these teapots are called "Teavana Hobnail Cast Iron Teapottetsubin" and have been used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies as well as for daily household tea preparation. The making of tetsubin cast iron teapots is a very laborious and tedious process often requiring 15 or so skilled artists to create just one pot over several weeks.


Hobnail Cast Iron Teapot is a Teavana favorite created at one of the most historic cast iron foundries in Japan (having over 400 years of experience and 16 generations of the same family!).


To promote years of continuous use, Teavana cast iron teapots are strong enough to resist cracking or breaking, provided they are not used to heat water on a stove top or by direct flame. Furthermore, Teavana cast iron teapots have an enamel coating on the inside to prevent rusting and oxidation. If taken care of properly, a cast iron teapot can be a family heirloom, passed down to your children and their children.

Art & Symbolism

A cast iron teapot is a work of art. From simple to ornate, every cast iron teapot is designed with meticulous detail. Minimalist in appearance, the Fuku teapot has beauty in the fine details like the smooth seams, flat handle and eggshell finish. Others like Teavana Imperial Dragon Cast Iron Teapotthe Imperial Dragon Cast Iron Teapot are detailed with iconic Asian symbols such as the dragon which represents strength and power. A cast iron teapot may look stylish among your home décor, but it also makes a statement about you. So carefully choose a color and style that represents you!

Cast Iron Tea Set

Following ancient Eastern traditions, you may want to use your cast iron teapot when sharing tea with family and friends. In that case, Teavana offers a number of products to complement your cast iron teapot. Matching cast iron tea cups and coasters are a must for a complete tea set. Also, a cast iron warmer is perfect for keeping your tea warm for hours. Finally, a serving tray is essential for carrying and display of your cast iron tea set.


Remember, cast iron is the way tea was meant to be prepared and the difference in taste is unquestionable. Get the most out of your tea when you purchase cast iron from Teavana and you can be confident that you are getting the best quality products. Shop Teavana cast iron teapots.

Cast Iron Teapot Buying Guide