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Exotic Iced Tea Gift Set

Exotic Iced Tea Gift Set

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Teavana's bold and exotic fruit flavors and unique blends transcend the everyday to create perfect harmony, served over ice. For bold and delicious tea every time, make your own refreshing creations by blending any number of combinations of these six fruitful teas. Whether brewed individually or together, this collection is a delightful blend of cultures and flavors to be enjoyed in every cup. Teavana Exclusive

Contains 2oz of the following Teavana teas: Berry Mint Cassis, Blueberry Bliss, Wild Orange Blossom, Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate, Pineapple Kona Pop!, and Watermelon Mint Chiller, plus 16oz of Perfectea Rock Sugar, and six 2oz tea tins.
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