Save on your favorite Teavana tea!

Enjoy your favorite Teavana tea at a discounted price when you buy more than one pound at a time! You can even combine several teas that add up to one pound of tea for a tea discount online or in our stores.


Most of our customers prefer buying one pound of tea at a time, which lasts six to eight weeks of regular tea drinking (2-3 cups of tea a day) and is enough to get the full benefits of the tea. Since we recommend purchasing one pound or more, we give you a 10% discount at that level. If you mix several teas or buy more than a pound, you can also get an additional tea discount for two or five pounds:

  • Purchase one pound of tea: 10% off your tea
  • Purchase two pounds of tea: 15% off your tea
  • Purchase five pounds of tea: 20% off your tea

This is a great way to save every time you shop at Teavana! In addition, you receive free ground shipping on orders of $50 or more, so you can save on your shipping as well.


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Save on your favorite Teavana tea!