Only The Best Quality Teas

Teavana takes tea seriously. We enjoy the flavor, aroma, and the "feel good" benefits from a good tea, and we want to pass on the best quality tea to you. We select from the most premium teas the world has to offer and carefully choose every ingredient and element of a tea before deciding on a new brew.  We taste, re-taste, and taste again, taking up to 12 months to finalize the best teas so we can offer you healthy and delicious teas that appeal to more than just your taste buds. Our selection is limited to teas that we believe are superb, not average and never good enough.


Why are Teavana teas better than tea bags from the grocery store or loose tea from other tea companies?


Teavana teas area always fresh

We only offer fresh teas, never old, never stale. We make it a point to get our teas quickly and frequently from their countries of origin so they are fresh when you purchase them from our stores or through our website. And we store them properly to preserve quality and freshness. We wouldn't want to drink stale tea, let alone sell it to you!


Teavana uses only premium ingredients

We always choose teas that have the highest quality ingredients. From the best flush of tea from the gardens, to the nuts and fruits in our herbal tisanes, every ingredient in our teas is of high quality and chosen because they add flavor, aroma, and health benefits to a tea. We believe in selling the best tea, every time.


Teavana only sells loose-leaf teas

When you are buying a bagged tea, the tea is obscured by the bag. Many low quality teas (even 'tea dust') are sold in bags so that you don't realize the quality. Loose-leaf tea begs to be inspected, so we choose to sell only loose-leaf tea.  Another benefit of loose-leaf tea is the ability to blend flavors and make your own unique tea, one that suits your tastes perfectly.


 Taste the difference of Teavana teas

When you taste Teavana tea for the first time, you will never want to drink bagged tea again.  We will never hide our tea in bags or mask bad tea with unnatural flavors or fillings. In our stores our knowledgeable teaologists will let you look, smell, and taste our fresh tea letting you know exactly what you are getting.  Stop in for one of our delicious tea samples today! 

Only The Best Quality Teas